Chronicles of a Fervent Heart

by Reanne Kyla

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Hassles It's the vocal delivery and lyrics so subtly enhanced. A contemporary near-otherworldly approach at near minimalistic arrangements that offer "just" enough support of the voice to render the listener captured.
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An anthology of songs written to take her listeners into a deep appreciation for the beauty created in this world. Her album is infused with love, admiration, stillness, and letting go.

Includes unlimited streaming of Chronicles of a Fervent Heart via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.


released April 27, 2017

Recorded at Evergreen Sound - Calgary, Alberta
Additional recording: OCL Studios - Calgary, Alberta & Prairie College Studio - Three Hills, Alberta.

Produced, Engineered & Mixed by Mark Troyer
Executive Producers: Brian Doerksen & Stephen J Rendall
Mastered by Jeff Dykhouse at Jephtha Studios

Artwork & Design: Elliott Chau

All songs written by Reanne Kyla // Co-written Daniel Kikkert 1 3 | Graham Connor 3 | Emily Loveless 1

Copyright © 2017 Reanne Kyla. Unauthorized reproduction, copying and rental of this is recording in any form is strictly prohibited by law. All rights reserved. Made in Canada.



all rights reserved


Reanne Kyla Three Hills, Alberta

Passionate Canadian singer songwriter Reanne Kyla leaves a lasting impression while creating a relaxed atmosphere with her unique sound that serves the acoustic chill / soothing ambiance genre. Her distinct songwriting and evoking lyrics encompass her love for creation in her latest EP Chronicles of a Fervent Heart. ... more

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Track Name: A Song for the Morning
Morning waits, haze on the water.
Stillness in the air
Focused eyes, upon my maker
Wonder moves my mind.

Morning rise, unfolds with promise.
Walk with bated hope.
Eager feet, yearn for instruction.
Guide me, I’ll obey.

Morning breaks, rays are released.
Bone and breath align
Fervent heart, wakens with your calling
I have found my way
Track Name: The Crave
Chasing old abandoned roads
To a place once known
Wanderlust drives her soul
(Drives her soul)

Beauty invades this land
Awestruck feelings stand
Eloquence fires the earth
(Fires the earth)

- ooo -
The crave remains strong
To travel on
On she goes…

Mountains peak in her view
Rivers rushing through
Desire spurs her heart
(Spurs her heart)

Prairie grass between her feet
Feelings caught between
A place she once called home
(Once called home)
Track Name: Sacred Words
Birds chirping softly
Echoes through the trees
Searching for you
Grass slowly swaying
Moving you to dance
Waiting for you

My love for you,
Sacred words roll off my tongue
I sing for you,
The breath leaves my lungs

I wanna dance with you
I wanna be with you

Colors fill the sky
It lights upon the sunset lines
Wonderful you are
Crisp air’s kiss
Draws us to take a risk
I know you’re never far

My love for you,
Sacred words roll off my tongue
I say to you
The beauty that you are
My love for you
Your gaze connects with mine
I’m drawn to you
Your lips form the reply

I’m crazy in love with you
I wanna be with you
Track Name: Silent Killer
Captivation in my mind.
I can’t escape
I am confined
By your haunting state

Tempting thoughts make way
Taking over control
My battle gravitates
Someone save my soul

Silent Killer let me go.
You have held me far too long.
Silent Killer let me go
Let me go…

Tied down by shame
Pain taking its toll
Love is not a game
Return the heart you stole

Silent Killer let me go.
You have held me far too long.
Silent Killer let me go,
Let me go…
Track Name: Scarlet & Gold
You are an oak tree,
Rooted in truth and love.
Constantly thriving, growing strong
Clothed in scarlet and gold.

You are an oak tree,
Shelter for your own.
Protecting your neighbors, family and friends
Clothed in scarlet and gold.

Scar-let, Gold, Autumn, Oak

You are an oak tree,
Colors displayed in the wind.
Enchantingly radiant, beautiful
Clothed in scarlet and gold
Track Name: David Livingstone
You be a mystery and I will uncover the truth
You be the chorus and I'll be the verse to go through
You be the dynamite blasting away at the walls we take apart
You be Dave Livingstone, I'll be his African heart

You be my walker and stay with me as I grow frail
You be the wind and direct me when I lose the sail
You be the resonance pulsing through every nerve that fails my knees
You be John Lennon, and I'll be the world that he see's

Sweet midsummer nights
With you in my life
With you in my life

You be a flask and I'll be the comfort you hold
You can be stranded and I'll bring you in from the cold
You be the ambulance racing me back to that old familiar door
You be Theresa, and I'll be your hands to the poor

You be a train track, and I'll never leave you for long
You be new land, and I'll plot my home in your arms
You be the coffee that brings me to life in that early winter blue
I'll be your lady and you'll be my man, through and through.
I'll be your lady and you'll be my man through and through.